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As a person-centered therapist, I approach you and our relationship a bit differently than the therapists of yore smoking cigars and asking about your mother.  I see you as the expert of your life.  Although I’m a pretty intuitive person, I can have no real way of knowing what it is like to live in your skin.  This means I won’t tell you what to do (unless your safety is concerned); what I can do is witness, offer thoughts, and help you figure out what feels most authentic and true to you.


This also means that I place great value on the therapeutic relationship.  I believe our relationship is one of the most powerful tools that we have available, and I will always approach you and approach the relationship with utmost respect and regard.  I won’t judge, and I encourage authenticity and genuineness in both you and me throughout our work together.  Life becomes much easier and better when we drop the pretenses and anxieties and just be weird humans together.

If you think this may be an approach that resonates with you, contact me to set up an appointment or a free 15-minute phone consultation.

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