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You may have noticed that there's been somewhat of a seismic shift in the world lately.  As we face an unprecedented situation in the form of a global pandemic, we're all learning to evolve and change the way we do business in order to keep people safe while also providing much needed services.  Hope Springs Therapy Services is no different.

At this time, all therapy services have shifted to a secure online video platform!  From talk therapy to GIM to EMDR, it's all being done online.  While moving to online sessions may seem funky at first, they're just as effective as in-person sessions, and they have some benefits that meeting in-person in a therapy office doesn't.

Having an online practice means that we aren't bound geographically--as long as you're in North Carolina for counseling or America for music therapy, you can get the support you need.  For modalities like GIM where practitioners are not as prevalent, this can be really helpful in getting you the support and services you need.  Plus, without having to travel to a therapy office, you'll be able to save the time you would have spent traveling to and from the therapy office.


Having an online session also means that you can do your sessions in a place that is comfortable and supportive to you.  Therapy can be hard.  Doing it in your favorite comfortable chair wrapped in a fluffy blanket with a furry friend next to you can help.

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