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Response to COVID-19

Times are wild, bizarre, and scary right now.  With the outbreak of COVID-19 and consequent steps taken to slow its spread, we're living through a new experience.  You may be having a strong emotional reaction to this new experience.  You may feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, tired, angry, sad, or any other number of emotions.  Throughout it all, though, know this--you are not alone.

At this time, I'm continuing to offer therapy through a HIPAA-compliant telehealth video conferencing system, meaning we can see each other while we talk.  Please reach out to me if you're feeling overwhelmed by emotions relating to what's going on or if stress is getting in the way of your daily activities.  If money is a concern at this time, still reach out and let me know--mental health at this time is as important as ever, and if there is a way for me to support you through it, we'll figure it out.  If you need support, I am here.

Click here for helpful information about teletherapy.

Click here for updates on COVID-19 from the CDC. 

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