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“Sometimes I think,
I need a spare heart to feel
all the things I feel.”

― Sanober Khan, A Thousand Flamingos

Feeling things deeply can make life incredibly rich and meaningful.  It can also make life incredibly difficult.  In a world where experiencing emotions and being sensitive are often seen as hindrances, it can be easy to feel like you are too much, your feelings are too big, or there’s something wrong with you for feeling the things that you do.  Maybe you try to numb the emotions out.  Maybe you try to create bigger distractions to avoid the feelings.  Maybe you try to avoid the feelings all together.  Unfortunately, none of those strategies tend to work in the long run, and a lot of times, they can make those feelings you’re trying to avoid even more intense.

But there's hope.

My name is Hannah Lingafelt, and in therapy, I focus on helping you build your inner resilience through acceptance while recognizing and owning your own inner resources.  I believe your sensitivity is a gift, a superpower.  Befriending it and finding ways to be present with your experience (comfortable, uncomfortable, or somewhere in between) is where the magic happens, and it is my goal as a therapist to support and provide witness in this process of alchemical transformation.  Visit the About page to learn more about me and my approach to therapy.

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Hannah Lingafelt, LCMHC, MT-BC


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